The Sleepahh® Zephyr Pillow™

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    Why the Sleepahh Zephyr Pillow?

    Zephyr Tech Fibre™

    You can actually feel the phased thermo regulating properties thanks to Zephyr tech™


    Anti Bacterial and Hypo Allergenic for that blissful sneeze free sleep.  

    Vegan Friendly

    No animal products used in the Sleepahh Zephyr Pillow but same comfy feel of down.

    Machine Washable

    Machine Washable at 30°

    About this Pillow

    1. Product Dimensions

    L63cm x W38cm x D15cm

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    3. Materials & Quality

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    The Sleepahh® Zephyr pillow™ with Zephyr tech™ fabric cover - Do you sleep hot? If you love a down alternative bed pillow but find that you often overheat, this is the pillow for you. Sleep cool and comfortable with the specially designed Sleepahh® Zephyr pillow™ with Zephyr tech™ fabric cover that is pleasantly cool to the touch. You can actually feel the instant coolness of Zephyr tech™ fabric cover.