Designed to be

1. Good for pets

All of our fabrics are designed to be safe for pets and resistant to scratching.

2. Good for children

Our sofas are designed to be used by the whole family, with all our fabrics certified as safe for children.

3. Good for you

All of our fabrics are certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, meaning that you can rest easy in the knowledge that they are rigorously tested for harmful substances.

Don't sweat the spills

All our Sleepahh's come with our impermeable fabric technology which means any liquids spilled can be removed in just a few seconds. The unique coating on the fabric stops the liquid penetrating into the fibres.


Our performance chenille fabric is easy to clean, high in durability, modern in its design and soft to the touch.

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Our modern performance plush fabric offers comfort, style, and timeless appeal. It really is the epitome of relaxed indulgence.

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Luxurious and attractive in style, our performance velvet fabric offers sumptuous fashion to any room.

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